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Single in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex?  There is an alternative to expensive dating services, matchmakers, and bad blind!

       By the way - we are not a dating service!

The folks in have fun on purpose....

...and meet people by accident!



We're Glad You Found Us!!!

You know, we are lucky here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area - DFW seems to be the county's hub of single's groups and activities.  I travel all over the country, and have never seen anywhere that offered the variety of single's groups to join and things to do....that's the good news and the bad news!

So many opportunities, so many choices - and that can be tricky.  Frankly, one of the purposes of this site is to help you make those choices, from an informed perspective.  No group (including ours!!) is right for everyone - we hope the information we provide will help you sort it all out.....


We Aren't Just Information....

The whole concept for SingleStuff is to (1) provide helpful information and (2) offer some casual opportunities for nice single people to enjoy themselves in a relaxed environment.  That environment may be a dinner, a wine tasting, or a party, but the one constant is our effort to focus on everyone having a good time together - "meeting someone" is something that might happen - but if it does, it will not be because you paid one of us to make it happen - it will be because you bumped into someone while you were having fun....


So, Who "Fits In" SingleStuff And Who Doesn't??

SingleStuff is about good people having a good time.  While it's perhaps a little vague, it would be fair to say we are all about "traditional healthy relationships" - not collecting conquests and "one night stands".  We enjoy eating out, good wine, pleasant conversation, and spending time with other people with similar interests.  Relationships develop - some are romantic, lots are friends. 

SingleStuff is all about fun - but not at someone else's expense.  That's one of the reasons we are so tough on "Professional Singles" (not to be confused with single professionals!), predators, and lounge lizards of either gender.  They have an agenda that doesn't match ours.  If you are comfortable with the idea that buying someone a drink entitles you to ask them over to your place, you won't fit in - and would not be invited to our events.

Fun and negativity don't go well together - and negative folks should choose to attend another group.  We know the world isn't perfect, and lousy things happen - that's reality.  Picking things apart, taking innocent comments personally, and generally painting everything with a dark perspective spoils the fun for others...and does not belong at SingleStuff functions.

Are you "too cool" to wear a name tag, would you refuse move to a different seat at dinner (so everyone can meet more people), or insist on just sitting off with your friends instead of joining in?  The fact is, you really are special - but you are not more special than any of the rest of our group.  SingleStuff is about meeting and mingling with other singles who "work and play well with others".

Is it "all about you" - are you thinking the group should change to fit your values, your interests, your schedule?  SingleStuff  fits some people - really well...and people that feel SingleStuff doesn't fit them have numerous other groups available to them.  On the other hand, we appreciate suggestions - most of our favorite dinner destinations and activities were originally suggested by someone in the group.  It's just that we want suggestions that will make SingleStuff a better and more entertaining version of what it is...rather than making it something it isn't.

SingleStuff is fun.  We are pretty darned good at hosting the kinds of activities our group enjoys...and we don't want to become skilled at entertaining lounge lizards, grumpy people, and folks who are too cool to work and play well with others.  The good news is that there are other places for those folks to go, and other things for them to do. 

If you do what you've always done, you'll continue to get what you've always gotten.  We hope SingleStuff will provide you with a way to meet some other great single people - we know they are interested in meeting you!



Join The Group!

We are glad that you are seeing this on our website, but did you know that only our members receive notices of upcoming events?  On down this page a bit you will see a small Blue box that says "Join Our Free Email List" - click that link, complete the questions, and you will be kept up to date on what is going on - heck, it's free, so why not?!


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Dinners and Activities - Where Are They?

You know, we can't be everywhere....but we do try to be where it makes sense!  We are always game to try out some new restaurant or winery, even if it means a little bit of driving....but most of our activities are going to be where most of our members are located.  That "home base" has pretty much been the "Mid-Cities/Valley Ranch" area.  We are starting a few new groups to bring the SingleStuff fun to some new areas - how many activities we host in those new locations will be determined by how much participation we get there. 

The first new group is going to be in Dallas.  SingleStuff has not had a Dallas based group because it seemed like Dallas already had so many options, it just didn't make sense to add one more to the selection.  Then, we noticed how much those groups were charging, and decided that perhaps our affordable (volunteer) approach would be appreciated, so be on the lookout for some Dallas area activities.  We already have several hundred Dallas area members, and we hope that the shorter drive will encourage them to become more active in the group.

Denton will soon see some SingleStuff events as we begin to advertise in the Denton paper.  We have a number of Denton members that have been participating in our Grapevine activities, and we expect the shorter drive to our Denton activities to be a real hit!

Decatur will also be the site of some upcoming SingleStuff activities!  Decatur is a great community that has SO MUCH to offer....everything except an active single's network.    Blazing new territory can be a challenge, but we figure it is worth the effort - about half of the population is single, so it seems only right to provide some fun way for folks to get to know each other!!



Our Mission

Quite simply, SingleStuff is here to make it easier - and more fun - to be single!  We want to inform you of opportunities, warn you of some hazards, and make it easier to meet others - whether for fun, romance, or companionship.  
  A lot of what folks "know" about being single and meeting people is simply not true, and we hope that the information we provide will help you spend less time wondering "why it doesn't work" and more time enjoying your single life!    

"Singles" are a lot like "real people"!

Contrary to what some folks may believe, single people have plenty of interests other than just meeting someone of the opposite gender!  Sure, it would be great to meet a wonderful person and fall hopelessly and permanently in love - but in the meantime, we are earning a living, shopping for groceries, and taking up hobbies.  
  That's why we will continue to expand the range of information and activities we offer.  Meeting someone is something that you do best while having a real life - not something to do instead of having a life!    

What We Do

We promote dinners (run by volunteers, hence the low cost!) so that singles can meet other quality singles in a comfortable environment. We also offer some happy hours, wine tastings, cooking classes, self defense courses, and other opportunities to mingle with others...while growing as a person!

  Additionally, we publish articles that help singles understand this entire "single lifestyle".  The various singles organizations in the Metroplex offer numerous opportunities... and risks - we help you sort them out

Check out our articles....

    Talk about risks - there are some very profitable singles organizations who are not very happy to have the truth being shared with the public - but you should know about matchmakers, dating services, computer dating and all of the other alternatives out there...after all, it's your time and money that gets wasted if you make the wrong choices.....  
  Besides our regular dinners we will be inviting you to some special interest activities - of course, the only way we can know about what interests are special to you is to hear from you, so drop us a line....

"Special Interests"


Membership Fees & Dues

$  Big Money  $

Let's see, the membership fees are.... uh.... well.... we don't have any.  Of course, we do ask you to contribute to support our activities when you attend - those contributions normally run $3 to $5 - yep, we're going to get rich quick with this deal!  
  We operate with volunteers, and we ask that you take that into consideration when judging our "customer service".  We operate strictly via e-mail so - no one has to staff a telephone all day and we don't buy many stamps!    


We do not sell or trade any of the information you provide us.  Period.  
  We do ask all of our members for addresses and telephone numbers for very practical reasons...  People change e-mail addresses, and frequently forget to notify everyone, so we lose touch.  We like to update and confirm our e-mail addresses at each event (for those who attend) and occasionally with a postcard if we haven't seen you in a while.  You can always cancel our e-mailings simply by requesting to be removed from our list.  We also have the occasional need to notify a member of a last minute change in plans, and a phone number can really help...

Ever wonder why we ask for a phone number if we operate strictly on the web?

  Articles and information appearing in simply represent our opinions.  We do not pretend to be counselors, psychologists, attorneys or other professionals, and any advice you read here should be taken from that perspective.  If you need legal, psychological, medical, or other professional services you should contact an appropriate professional.